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Amy Nicole Stewart, LMT#LA 3118

Blue Cliff College Graduate 2002

After completing massage school in 2002 I continued to study both Eastern and Western philosophies and still integrate both into my practice. Until 2005 I was studying pre-med in order to go to physical therapy school. However, after enduring the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina I found it too difficult to return to traditional colleges. I have since found myself continuing my education in the Eastern philosophies which I have found to be more holistic and helpful.

In 2009 I traveled to NYC to study the Auricular Acupunture protocol for PTSD and drug addiction as set up by NADA (National Acupunture Detoxification Association) which helped me tremendously after Katrina in dealing with my own symptoms of PTSD. Since my recovery from this tragedy, it has been amazing working with others and facilitating their recovery using this amazing protocol. In 2011 I completed a Level 1 200 hour program of Soma Veda at the Thai Masssage Institute with Dr.Anthony James. There I have studied both the northern and southern methods of Thai Yoga Massage and everyday I continue to see the benefits that these ancient methods have in our modern lives. I plan to continue my studies in Thai Massage and Ayurvedic practices for as long as I live and breathe.

Last year I was able to take my studies international when from Oct 30-Dec 20, 2013 I spent some time in Chaing Mai, Thailand studying at the Old Medicine Hospital as well as two smaller schools with private instruction. One of those was with Pakorn Oh and his school is located inside of one of the many temples in Chaing Mai. This experience was incredible and I plan to continue going back as I deepen my practice. Thailand was a beautiful experience for me and I hope to make a trip back very soon as well as one to India. I have the deepest gratitude for the opportunities to travel and learn.

I believe in using proper nutrition, exercise, and bodywork to take care of the everyday illness and believe that these three things in conjunction with herbs, acupunture, and pranyama are the only medicines we need. Also, that if we take the holistic approach as often as possible then one day when drugs may in fact be necessary for treatment our bodies will be able to handle them more effectively. I work with a large network of healers and am able to refer people out to someone else as needed. I work with acupuncturists, natropaths, chiropractors, and several other therapists and am never afraid to refer someone out if it is obvious that my services may not be exactly what the client needs.

Massage Therapy has been a very natural choice for a profession. Both of my parents were in a very bad car accident before I was born and they were in physical therapy through most of my early childhood. Going with them to therapy, I used to learn techniques and go home and repeat them on my parents. I remember how happy my mother and father would seem if I could massage their neck, shoulders, or feet. I continued this work throughout my life and even worked on teammates injuries in high school. Never realizing that one day this would be a huge passion or career of mine, it was just what I always did. I am very grateful and feel blessed that this has been lifelong and continues to grow for me all of the time.

New Orleans is definitely my favorite place in the world and I feel lucky to have grown up so near to this beautiful city. I appreciate the culture, food, music, and dancing. Having grown up near Baton Rouge I was exposed to a lot of Cajun culture as well and for this I feel very fortunate to have been born and raised here in Louisiana and feel blessed to have a career where I am able to serve so many who live and visit here. No matter where I go in this world, Louisiana will always be home and I am grateful for that.

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